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Ann Berry-Kline

Ann Berry-Kline

Your Neighborhood Realtor

Ann Berry-Kline

I look forward to helping you achieve all of your real estate needs!

I have lived in Aptos for ten years. My husband, three adult children, and I enjoy many of the wonderful amenities in this area! I especially like power walks on the beach, visiting local wineries and cooking with locally grown food!

I've been involved in various real estate transactions throughout my life. These transactions included management of income property, land development, new residential construction, and sales and purchase of residential and commercial properties.

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, I was a project manager for very large projects in the Software and Information Technology industries. I enjoyed these projects because they involve improving services and/or functionality while understanding the talent of the people working in the organization and those being served.

By nature, I am a creative thinker, friendly, organized and dedicated to everything I start. I am a life learner and enjoy new challenges.

Whether buying or selling, I will listen to your requirements and then make that happen! Above all, I'm dedicated to working with you to help find your perfect property!